Publish a Book – Complete a Lifetime Goal, Leave a Legacy and Earn a Second Income

Publishing a book is a on many people's bucket list and with today's technology it is easier than ever to become a self published author with very little expenses involved. Even if you don't make it big after publishing your book, you will have achieved a huge personal goal, left a legacy and can still earn a second income from it.

Who's it for?

  • Anyone who wants to write book
  • Must be able to write or dictate your book


  • Low costs involved and can even be done for free
  • Uncapped earning potential
  • Complete a lifetime goal
  • Leave a legacy


  • There aren't really any apart from it takes time 🙂
J.K. Rowling earns each day
of books purchased are adult fiction
Aim to write at least 1 book in your life
Satisfaction gained by writing and publishing a book

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Earning Potential

While there is uncapped earning potential, the likelihood of directly earning a massive second income from your book is pretty slim. However, there are other indirect benefits (Apart from self fulfilment) of writing a book that can lead to earning opportunities that might have not otherwise happened. It makes you an expert and can lead to speaking opportunities, you can charger higher consultancy rates and it can open doors that you only once dreamt of.

Other Resources

Amazon KDP: Self publish your kindle book on Amazon in less than an hour

CreateSpaceSelf publish your kindle book and printed book on Amazon and other book stores from this platform that also provides a print on demand service, meaning that when someone buys a book from you, they print it and send it out for you.

Tips for Success: 7 tips for writing and publishing success (Email sign up required)

Fiverr: An outsourcing website where (Amongst others things) you can get a basic kindle or printed book cover done here from just $5 (Use code "MAXB20" when signing up for 20% off of your first order)

99 Designs: A "Crowdsourcing" design website that will give you a premium book design from around £200. You can use them for any design work including logo design, website design and any other graphical work.



Where Do I Start?

Read the articles and use the resources above to get inspired and help you decide what you want to write your book about. Once you have decided what your book is going to be about then start writing. Just aim to write at 1 paragraph a day and you will find that you often end up writing more than that each day. Before you know it, you'll have your cover designed and be ready to share it with the world!

Stuck for what to write about? If you are writing your own blog then you could take 1 year or so worth of blog posts and make them into a book "A year in the life of ... " or something like this.


Why Do People Fail at Writing a Book?

  • The biggest reason is that they don't get started in the first place
  • They procrastinate
  • They make it out something harder to do than it actually is
  • They lack motivation


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