Network Marketing – Create Lifelong Friendships with Uncapped Earning Potential

Network Marketing is a way to earn money by building a team and selling a product or a service to people. You generally make money on your sales and also on sales that are made from people below you in your team. The big money comes from building your team.

To succeed in network marketing you must have a long term view of success, choose a company that you are passionate about and have a way to follow up with people automatically.

Who's it for?

  • Anyone in the world
  • Must take a long term view
  • Cope with highs and lows
  • Must be ambitious


  • You can usually get started for less than £200
  • You can make a genuine uncapped income
  • You can meet new people and make friendships that last a lifetime
  • Personal growth - You can enjoy happiness, fulfillment and personal growth if done correctly


  • Network marketing really is a marathon and not a sprint. Earnings will usually be low in the first and second year (Especially if you are trying to do it without an email autoresponder).
  • It takes time and persistence to build a decent regular monthly income
Over 20 million people involved in network marketing
Are Female
There are over 100 network marketing companies
Think long term. Have at least a 5 year plan

“I switched companies a few years ago once I realised that pots and pans don’t change people lives. The products I now offer has changed my life and that of others… and I find a lot of value in waking up and going to bed knowing that.” Forbes Article

 Earning Potential (Without Email Autoresponder)

There is uncapped earning potential if you embark on a network marketing journey. However it takes time. You will initially have a lot of things to learn and your earnings in your first and second year will probably not be that much.

If you are persistent, choose the right company, use an email autoresponder correctly to follow up with prospects, customers and your team automatically then there is no reason why you can't succeed like many other's have.

Year 1 Estimated Earnings = £2,000+ at around £2/hour
Year 2 Estimated Earnings = £4,000+ at around £4/hour
Year 3 Estimated Earnings = £8,000+ at around £8/hour
Year 4 Estimated Earnings = £16,000+ at around £16/hour
Year 5 Estimated Earnings = £32,000+ at around £32/hour

 Earning Potential (With Email Autoresponder)

If you use an email autoresponder to automatically follow up with prospects, customers and your team then you increase your chances of success dramatically. This allows you to soft sell your product, automatically follow up with potential customers and build an email list that can be used to market 326% more effectively.

Having a free informative e-newsletter lets you sell in entirely refreshing way. Instead of saying "Are you interested in buying this" you can now say, would you be interested in getting free information by subscribing to my free email newsletter? Ten times more people will go for this and you will easily triple your sales and make your network marketing journey much more enjoyable this way.

The benefits of building an email list are HUGE, not only because it makes selling your product much easier, but because it also gives you the ability to recommend related products and services for a sales commission (As seen in the Affiliate Marketing section). You are building an asset that you own and can use to automatically email all of your subscribers at any time, earning you money at the click of a button.

Year 1 Estimated Earnings = £6,000+ at around £6/hour
Year 2 Estimated Earnings = £12,000+ at around £12/hour
Year 3 Estimated Earnings = £24,000+ at around £24/hour
Year 4 Estimated Earnings = £48,000+ at around £48/hour
Year 5 Estimated Earnings = £96,000+ at around £96/hour

Recommended Reading

  1. Go Pro by Eric Worre
  2. 79 Network Marketing Tips by Wes Linden
  3. How To Create The Mindset Of A Network Marketing Champion by Dave O'Connor
  4. The Four Color Personalities For MLM be Tom "Big Al Schreiter
  5. The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life by Don Failla


Where Do I Start?

Read the five books above at least once. Think about what type of network marketing company that you want to join. Often your first network marketing chooses you by way of a friend or someone that you know referring you into the business. I personally recommend to promote the following two network marketing opportunities. Juice Plus and Online Betting School (Matched Betting) if you are still deciding which one's are right for you or if you are already in one and not being as successful as you first hoped. Online Betting School is just for people from the UK currently, so if you are not from the UK then you can just do Juice Plus.


Why Juice Plus?

There are several main reasons why I recommend Juice Plus:

  • You will live a healthier and longer life - Juice Plus is in the health sector and by being a Juice Plus distributor you start to take a much more active interest in your health than ever before. People buy from people and your health represents your product.
  • It gives you purpose, including feeling significant, making connections, personal growth, learning something new and making a difference.
  • You network and hang out with healthy people - Once you understand that network marketing is about making connections and establishing trust and rapport, then you will start connecting with people in the health and fitness arena, which again helps you live a healthier life by doing things like going to the gym, taking up a sport, using a personal trainer and educating your self about nutrition, fitness and health.
  • It's fun - You will often hear people saying things like: "I'm doing this because I'm meeting amazing people … making so many connections … and I feel so good about myself."
  • They have been going a long time, the parent company started way back in 1970 and have over $100 million in annual sales.
  • Clinical research has showcased the benefits of adding Juice Plus+ to your diet. More than 30 Juice Plus+ research studies have been conducted in leading hospitals and universities around the world.
  • You can automatically email prospects and customers 135 times over 6 months - I saved the best until last. Instead of going for the sale straight away, you can ask people if they want to join your free email newsletter that emails them once a day, Monday to Friday and teaches them about healthy eating, gives motivational quotes and gives them a healthy smoothie recipe each week. This also softly sells the benefits of Juice Plus and makes the whole sales and follow up process ten times easier.


Why Matched Betting?

There are several main reasons why I recommend Online Betting School:

  • A genuine easy second (Tax free) income - The only problem I found with Juice Plus is that when you start out with the company, it will take a while to earn a significant income (As with any network marketing program), so I didn't feel comfortable trying to grow my team and recruit distributors who were in it for the money, saying that you can earn a big second income from it if I wasn't doing that myself. Online Betting School's program solves this problem.
  • When you do matched betting yourself, you start making tax free money straight away. This makes you much more comfortable recommending it to people who are more interested in making money from network marketing than the health benefits of juice plus and the other benefits of network marketing like personal growth and fulfilment (above).
  • This also gets rid of the "I can't afford it" barrier - You can make enough money from matched betting each month to cover the costs of Juice Plus, so it means that once you have built a connection and trust with a prospect, then you can sign them up to Matched Betting and Juice Plus knowing that they will still be better off financially AND live a healthier life.
  • It's an easier sell - People can just do the example bet to at least double their money from £25 to £50+. Then they can sign up for VIP membership and get 30 days free access followed by just £4.95/month.
  • Very high automated retention rates - It's under a fiver a month and customers make much more than they spend meaning that your retention rate is extremely high without you having to be in touch with customers to retain them.
  • It's pay you more - As there are no physical product costs or delivery costs you get a bigger piece of the pie. Also, it is technically a 2 tier affiliate program as opposed to a network marketing program. This means you get money quicker because you earn 50% on sales that you make and 25% of the sales that your referrals make. It's as simple as that.


Why Do People Fail at Network Marketing?

  • They do not choose the right companies to promote
  • They treat it like a hobby and not a business
  • They want quick results instead of thinking more long term
  • They do not follow up effectively
  • They do not using an email autoresponder to autimatically get new customers, retain existing customers and build their downline
  • They do not educate themselves or allow themselves to be trained by their upline (Every network marketer should read the five recommended books on this page at the very least)


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