Dear friend,

I've been thinking about you a lot since my March 2017 event. The event was a huge success and got 9.70 out of 10 on the attendee feedback forms, but there’s one word that kept coming up throughout that weekend that has kept me up for countless nights over the summer.

I’ll tell you what the word is later on but first of all please take the time to read this page from the top to bottom, word for word and let me explain how I know that I’ve been thinking about you in particular and why I feel you might be a perfect candidate for my workshop.

You see, the fact that you even arrived to this webpage and will take the time to read it puts you in a unique category of smart, aspiring entrepreneurs. I admire this in you.

I'm guessing that me and you have a lot more in common than the average person on the street who tells themselves that they are happy(ish) working in their full time job for the rest of their lives. You want more from life right? However you have probably been misled and misguided from various online gurus, which is why you haven’t achieved your dream lifestyle yet. I’m here to tell you not to be so hard on yourself; it’s not your fault… it’s theirs.
I’m also guessing, right now you might be working in a job that you don’t entirely enjoy or maybe you are unemployed or maybe you just want more from the precious time you have on this planet. Maybe you have dreamed of earning a full time income online for years now but haven’t quite got there yet. You might even be losing faith that this dream lifestyle is even possible?
Let me say right now and right up front that £10,000/month passive income is very achievable and it’s not your fault that you haven’t got there yet. There is so much information on the internet and most of it is garbage! It’s one of the reasons why I was hesitant to get involved in this industry because lots of gurus oversell and make things sound much easier than they are.
I don’t want to be like that, it’s just not me. I refuse to bring myself down to their level and sell click button solutions that quite frankly, don’t work. However, if I just sat back and quietly made money online while travelling the world then they would continue to sell false promises to people like us and that’s simply unacceptable. I have a moral obligation to step in and help.
You see, back in 2005 I was training to be an accountant. I was just another unappreciated nobody at a company who got paid an average wage for selling a bit of my soul each day in a job I didn’t really enjoy. In fact, between me and you, compared to my life now, I hated that job!
It took three hard years of working, studying and trying to make money online until I finally had my break through, but we’ll get back to that later.
If I only knew then what I knew now, I could have saved those wasted years of misery. I remember getting back from another same old day at the office, followed by studying for exams, followed by trying to piece the “Make money online” puzzle together. I continued this 12 hour working day routine for three whole years and to be quite frank it was exhausting.
I remember watching webinar after webinar, buying course after course, reading eBook after eBook and hopping from idea to idea and never really making any money at all. If I’m being totally honest, I nearly lost faith in my dream.
Luckily I didn’t! Luckily I persisted and I’m so glad that I did because it’s given me the freedom to do what I like in life. I have been fortunate enough to travel the world, get out of bed when I like and not have to answer to a boss. In fact, I haven’t worked in a real job for nearly 10 years now and have to remind myself how lucky I am because I do kind of take it for granted.
So why am I telling you this? I honestly hate bragging but I say the above to help you keep your faith and believe that if I can do it then so can you.
In fact at my next event I’m going to show you EXACTLY how I achieved my lifestyle and then show you how you can achieve the EXACT same lifestyle by doing the EXACT same thing.
I will give you the EXACT blueprint that you can copy and use as a manual to follow after the weekend that you can go through and increase your monthly passive income whenever you desire.
So what happened in 2008 that changed everything for me? I’ll explain below:
The last day that I worked for an employer was Friday, 17th October 2008. I remember walking into the office on the morning of our company wide redundancy and being told that we were no longer needed. That's it. Game over. Security... Gone. Monthly salary... Goodbye.
I had a choice that day. I could have easily got another job and continued on the route to my "Bright" future that accountancy offered
I could try something different.
I could give this making money online thing a real shot.
I knew some of my friends would laugh at me, my family thought I was crazy and I got the feeling that loads of people around me almost wanted me to fail.
So what… This just made me more determined to succeed, but this time I had 5 things that meant success was almost inevitable.
The three things that happened to me in October 2008 that changed everything
1. I got made redundant… This made things serious for me and in hindsight, the best thing that ever happened.
2. I got help… I got a mentor and a group of like-minded friends. I accepted that I couldn’t do it all by myself from my bedroom and my laptop. In fact, I paid £3k of my £5k redundancy to take a leap of faith and attend a live event that would end up changing my life and being a key catalyst to me never having to work for anyone again.
Spending that money made things serious for me. I wanted to make that money back as quickly as possible. Within 4 months I had made double that back and have gone on to make an embarrassing amount of money since then. I think I made more in those four months than the previous three years.
The power of a mentor combined with the power of having a peer group aka a group of people that you get on with who inspire you and encourage your success instead of hoping that you will fail is a COMPLETE GAME CHANGER.
3. I made a decision… I learnt the power of making a decision. Not “Just maybe this will work”, but “This is going to work”… I had to make this work this time. I was going 100% all out to make this make money online thing work. If it didn’t, I’d just get another job to pay for things until I did get it to work. My attitude had shifted.
Now I’m not saying that you need to quit your job to make this work whole thing work. But you really need to do at least 2 out of the above 3 things. You need to get help from someone who has been there and done it (Like me). It doesn’t have to me by the way, but make sure you find someone or something that you believe in and just copy what they have done.
You need to make a decision that you will succeed. Believe in yourself, I believe in you. If you can do these 2 things then there’s good news ahead… I can help you and your success is inevitable, it’s your destiny.
I have developed a system that fast track your journey to success and pave the way to you earning £10,000+/month. This weird new opportunity:
• Can be done alongside a full time job
• Can pay you on a daily basis starting from day one
• Requires no previous experience
• Requires no technical knowledge
• Can take you from £0/month to £10,000+/month in passive income in less than a year
• Can all be done from your smartphone, laptop or tablet from anywhere in the world
• Can be managed from a beach bar on your smartphone

Live 2 Day event with me, you and your laptop

Come and join me in central London for 2 days where I will show you my step by step blueprint of how you can earn a passive income of £10,000+/month in less than a year.
I have paid thousands for the venue and delayed my winter travelling plans because I know that this event will change lives.
How much is it going to cost you to come along?
It’s 100% FREE to secure your seat, but all I ask is that you only do so if you are 100% serious about BOTH coming along AND taking action throughout the weekend.
The event will “Sell out”, so please only get a ticket if you know you can make it. I personally pay for the venue and all other associated costs that go hand in hand with putting on an event like this. I spend countless hours, days, months preparing the content for it. All I ask in return is your respect of coming to event if you take one of the limited places available.
I know that I may regret this, because from my previous experience, I have noticed that the more people pay for an opportunity, the more that they pay attention and take it seriously. There’s kind of like a direct association between money spent on an opportunity and energy put into it and therefore the success of the individual. I’m hoping that you will prove me wrong.
As an extra incentive for you to only get a ticket if you are serious about coming along and taking action, I am planning on charging £995 for a ticket to this 2 day event in the future, so if you do decide to grab a free ticket and cannot come along then you will have to pay the full price of £995 if you want to come along to a future event.
You will easily get £995 back from the 2 day course if you take action, so it’s still amazing value at this price.
Why am I giving tickets away for free?
Mainly so I can get testimonials if I’m being completely honest. I know that anyone that comes along to the workshop and takes massive action will achieve amazing, life changing results. I’ve done it for myself and I know at least one person who came to my last event has also had life changing results from taking massive action (More on him later).
From the testimonials, I plan to speak at multi speaker events and sell the workshop for £995 in the future. I believe so strongly in what I am offering that it will change lives and allow 100’s of people over the following years to experience the lifestyle that I have been so fortunate to have.
If you haven’t heard of me before or been to one of my events, then I should probably say a bit about them below.
For my last two events, People flocked from all around the UK and some flew in from Ireland, Switzerland, Romania and even as far as Brazil to be there.
Here is some of the feedback that I got from my last one that I held in March 2017:
• When asked on the feedback forms, “How likely are you to recommend this event to a friend” The average score was 9.70 out of 10. This in my eyes says everything.
• James made $484 in his first week after attending the event has gone on to make a four figure monthly income
• Here are some of the nice things that people said on their feedback forms below (You can see the originals at the bottom of this page):

"Most valuable weekend course I've ever had. SO much invaluable information condensed and to the point, 10/10"
“Fun and great experience, uplifting. Missed Mother’s Day but worth it.”

“Gold Nuggets in every single presentation on all three days of the meeting that will generate income… Thank you :)”

“Amazing speakers, friendly organisers (Ben is a legend!) SO much great content… thoroughly recommend”

“Everything was consistently beneficial. Most valuable weekend course I’ve ever had. SO much invaluable information condensed and to the point!”

“Great event. Great speakers. An excellent mix of beginner and advanced internet marketing tactics and training”

“The contents from all the speakers, presentations were really awesome. I am glad I attended the event. I attended the event a shy and reserved guy. At the end of the 2nd day, I was transformed.”

“Many tips worth the price of the whole seminar”

As you can see from above, the last event was a multispeaker event but because these have got a bit of a bad reputation in the industry and because I want to just focus on one strategy for two whole days… This time it’s just me and you for two whole days!
And although the event was a huge success... I've been losing sleep on countless nights over the summer to reflect on one word that kept cropping up from my last event. It's been bugging me ever since and I wanted to make my next event even more special. The word that I’m talking about it "Focus".


Maybe I’m still a bit of a perfectionist at heart. While most people would be thrilled about running an event and getting an average feedback score of 9.70 out of 10… I still want that 10 out of 10!
What if I could spend two whole days with a group of motivated individuals and focus on ONE thing that would give you the best chance of success online.
What if I could improve on my last 2 events and make this one 10 out of 10 for everyone there.
What if I just tell a select group of people exactly how I finally broke free from the rat race and started making a full time income online.
Not only that but what if I gave them the EXACT blueprint for them to copy and do for themselves.
What if I was there with them for two whole days, supporting, encouraging and showing them EXACTLY what to do, step by step?
What if people could come along and start making money from DAY 1 of the weekend and prove to themselves that the laptop lifestyle is not only a possibility but nearly a certainty when you have a clear plan that you can follow.
This weekend would pave the way and give clarity and EXACT steps to follow to achieve a £xx,xxx five figure passive monthly income.
I would be there on the weekend to answer any questions and help attendees break through any potential mental road blocks that they have developed from their past life experiences.
And this is exactly what I’ve spent the whole summer creating.
It’s a 2 day event that can change your life.
The £10k a month system
This system starts on the day you walk into the workshop with your laptop. Right from day one, some of you will start making your first bits of money online from the system. For some of you, it may even be the first £’s online that you have ever made.
By day two, even more of you will be making money online from the system. By day three, even more and by month 1, month 2 and month 3 we will start to see the most motivated and determined individuals starting to get life changing results.
One attendee from my March 2017 event made about £400 in his first week. It didn’t stop there; he was only just getting started. Within 4 months he’s enjoying a four figure monthly affiliate income.
You can do the same thing. The computer doesn’t know whose clicking the buttons and pressing the keys. They are not that smart… yet?!
It could have just as easily been you and it still can be you four months on from my next event.
The great news about the £10k a month system is that it only gets easier the more you do it and the techniques learned from the system can be used in pretty much any type of online affiliate marketing.
The venue that I’ve paid for has very limited seating (Less than 100) and I want to reserve each and every place for serious people only.
If you are serious about success and want to join me and room full of fellow aspiring entrepreneurs, then I welcome you and can’t wait to meet you. It’s going to be a lot of fun and as a group, our goal is to hit at least £x,xxx,xxx seven figures in the next 12 months. Think of it as joining a group of like-minded individuals who are serious about success. If this sounds like you and you would contribute to this team by making money online (You simply need to do what I say and take massive action) then sign up right now.
I’m more than happy to help anyone who will put the energy into this proven system.
An event like no other
In this flagship event of its type, I will be encouraging friendly competition by separating you all into two groups and who ever makes the most money wins. Yes – some of you are actually going to start making money online from Day 1.
There will be the option to get involved in regular future meetups to form deeper bonds with your team members and regular prizes will be given out to top achievers.
This event really is like no other and I am so excited to be able to share such an amazing genuine opportunity with you.
Sounds great Ben but will I personally really be able to do this?
100% Yes!
Like I said before, you need no previous experience or skills. You can definitely do this almost regardless of age, gender or your circumstances. It’s NOT complicated in the slightest and there is NO difficult ‘techie’ stuff involved, like learning code or anything remotely like that.
You do the work once and get paid every month. If you want more money each month, then you put more work in and just follow the blueprint that I give you on the weekend.
It really is that simple!
And guess what?
I know it may sound silly but the system works from any computer just the same, no matter who is pressing the buttons and no matter where you are in the world when you do it. If you pressed the buttons and went through the blueprint exactly how I did to make over £5,000/day, then you would make the same money as I did. The keyboard didn’t know that it was me typing instead of you, if that makes any sense?
I am definitely not special in any way:
• When I was 5 years old, I got my head stuck between the bars on my bed and couldn’t get it out.
• At the age of 7 years old, I drank bleach (I thought it was lemonade).
• From 8 until 13, I was lived in America and got bullied for having an English accent
• Then at 13, I moved back to England and got bullied for having an American accent (You just can’t win sometimes, huh?!)
• By 19 I had moved up north to Sheffield and severely burnt my hand from trying to fry an egg. (Yes – I even failed at such a simple thing as frying an egg!)
• At 21 I went on my first big trip, going on trains around Europe, stopping off at different countries and developing my travelling bug. I actually forgot to get off at one stop, missing out an entire country that I planned to visit.
• At 24 I got my first affiliate marketing income cheque from a place called click bank, but I didn’t get round to cashing it because it was in US dollars and I assumed that my bank couldn’t do anything with that (I have since cashed $5,000+ cheques that a bank can deposit for you, just in case you were wondering)
• You’ll be glad to hear that by 26, I had got a bit smarter and while out on my first big trip to Southeast Asia, I sent one email out to my email list that paid for the whole trip in affiliate commissions. I’ve been out there around seven times since (I struggle with English winters)
• The list goes on!
I hope you get the point that I’m not exactly the smartest person in the world (Far from it). It’s the system that does all the work and this system can be operated by anyone who has been given the manual.
For the first time EVER, I will be sharing this manual at my 2 day live event and going through it with you over the weekend so that by the end of the weekend, you will know the system and be able to operate it just as well as me. It’s exactly extremely simple, but like anything, it’s easy WHEN YOU KNOW HOW.
At my live event, I’ll run through everything with you and in such simple steps you’ll be dying to build your passive income stream larger and larger when you return home.
Then when you start making some money, you can treat yourself and experience what I now take for granted. I go away for a weekend trip or a holiday on the beach somewhere and my main job is logging in to check my stats to see that more money has come in since last time I checked.
Some of my highlights so far have been:
• Seen and donated to slums in India
• Visited around half of the states in the USA
• Roadtripped around Australia
• Was the barman on a slow boat into Laos
• Eurorailed round Europe
• Walked the Great Wall and saw the terracotta soldiers in China
• Went on safari and whale watched in Sri Lanka
• Celebrated my 30th Birthday in Las Vegas!
• Caribbean Cruised
• Got “Kidnapped” in Thailand
• Learned about tragedy in Cambodia
• Sang Karaoke with a group of Korean people off the coast of Vietnam
• Saw true poverty in Africa
• Had an ice cold beer in Costa Rica
• Saw a boat squeeze through the panama canal
• The list goes on and I honestly can’t remember all of the places that I’ve been

What would be your dream if you didn’t have to worry about money?

What you’re your ideal day look like?
Or where would you jet off to if you had the money and freedom to not have to work?
And when you get there, why not do what I sometimes do and login to the internet from your mobile device or laptop and check your stats to see how much money you made while sitting on the flight over to wherever you are going?
After you do the system for a while, you will get to a point where you make more money on the flight over than the cost of your whole holiday. I love it when that happens as I hope you would too!

Book Your Ticket Now because there are VERY limited spaces

The live 2 day launch event will take place:
Where: Crown Plaza, Blackfriars, Central London
When: Saturday and Sunday, 28-29 October 2017
It’s a fantastic venue in a fantastic location and will be the perfect place for the start of the next chapter of your new exciting life.
Do not miss this event!
Cancel everything and do whatever you need, to be there.
Click Here to secure your seat and get your ticket
Book your ticket today, right now because next time you come back to this webpage, the places might have already all been snapped up.
I can’t wait to see you there!

If you’re still not sure, then you can see what some my previous event attendees have said below:

The Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp Reloaded

1 Speaker

1 Focus

2 Days

Bring Your Laptop and Leave with a Business and a Daily Blueprint to almost Guarantee Your Success

A Brand New Opportunity

Work from Home, The Beach or Anywhere with an Internet Connection

Manage the Business from a Beach Bar on Your Smartphone

Never Seen Before

Make over £10,000/month passive income

Run by a Normal Person, just like YOU

Dear friend,

I've been thinking about you a lot since my March 2017 Event "The Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp". How do I know that I've been thinking about you, when I might not even know anything about you?

Well I'm guessing that me and you have a lot more in common than the average person on the street who is happy(ish) working in their 9 to 5 every day for the rest of their lives.

The fact that you arrived to this webpage and take the time to read it means that you want more from life, just like me. 


t you might first realise. You see, back in?



The event by all means a great success:

  • The Average Feedback Score was 9.70 out of 10
  • I know of at least 1 attendee who made $484 in his first week after attending the event has gone on to build an email list of over 10,000 subscribers since April 2017
  • And I had loads of lovely comments like "Most valuable weekend course I've ever had. SO much invaluable information condensed and to the point, 10/10"


However... I've been taking it pretty easy over the Summer to reflect on one word that a three separate people said to me. It's been bugging me ever since March and I wanted to make my next event even more special. But how? The word was "Focus".




You see, learning from multiple mentors who have been there and done that definitely works for some people but I know that it would be really cool.